Monday, January 18, 2010

Terry Pratchett

Today's face belongs to one of my favorite authors, Terry Pratchett:

John Lennon glasses, slightly disfigured nose, full cover beard.
The eyes have a unique shape to them, like a low and wide triangle.. The eyelids drag down on the outside of the eyes, creating a deep fold.

Never without his beard, and usually wearing a stetson hat.

I've felt for a while now that there's something weird about the way he writes. The pacing of his books, strangely, is much like in a movie and the way he writes and describes what's happening makes me feel like I'm reading a movie. No, not a movie script, but a movie. It's something that I feel really sets him apart when it comes to writing style.

Terry Pratchett, secretly a vampire


He's got real funny eyebrows in some of these pictures. Bushy, wiry and unkempt.
Also large, flat ears.

Here he is talking about his Alzheimer's:

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